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Thread: Linux & HPT-374 Controller

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    Linux & HPT-374 Controller

    Hi folks,
    Have not been here in awhile so sorry! Question, does the 2.4.20 Kernel have support for the Highpoint-Tech 374 controller? Reason I'm asking is I upgraded all my boxes with Abit It7-MAX2 and AT7-MAX2 Boards bout a Month ago. I am asking this as I do not have time to check cuz I work 7 days a week and am posting on Company Time!


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    Re:Linux & HPT-374 Controller

    I don't know about the 2.4.20, but I checked my 2.4.21, and it supports the:

    HPT366 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66.
    HPT368 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66 RAID Based.
    HPT370 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-100.
    HPT372 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-133.
    HPT374 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-133.

    I believe HPT stands for Hightpoint-Tech yes?
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    Re:Linux & HPT-374 Controller

    heh if you are doing that, then you might as well upgrade to 2.4.22
    just for something to do
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    Re:Linux & HPT-374 Controller


    im new with Linux and have this problem.

    I want to use the hpt 374 with suse 9 but highpoint tells me to compile it on my own.

    Now how do i do this, or have you done it and can tell me how to get the shit working?

    thx ais

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    Re:Linux & HPT-374 Controller

    well, i am not sure, since i haven't ever used HPT-374, but it looks like you need to recompile a kernel and add support for it.

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    Re:Linux & HPT-374 Controller

    you can always just make a module.
    Whats the website that tells you to do this. i might give it a go

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