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Thread: Can't locate module:

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    Can't locate module:


    Anyone know what these do or what kernel modules I got to compile for this to go away?

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    Re:Can't locate module:

    CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS - i.e. unix98 PTY support and codepage 437 under Native Langauge Support, the /dev/ttyp0 support comes wth the unix98 PTY support.

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    Re:Can't locate module:

    If these are modules that you have absolutely no use for, then you might be able to get rid of them either by altering /etc/modules.conf (look for the module names in there), or, possibly, they're being called by scripts like /etc/security/console.perms or something.

    Seems like you would need the UNIXPTY support, and nls 8859-1 is pretty much standard for computer users who speak english ;-)

    If this is a new kernel, you should run 'make xconfig', and when you do that with a new kernel, always use the GUI option 'save config to file' or something like that. When you have an issue, it's quick and easy to post the config file, and more people can give you more help. Conversely, you can better help others by comparing theirs to your own.


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