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Thread: Quick DHCP Question

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    Quick DHCP Question

    Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I was looking for some reassurance on it.

    I have a little router in my house setup with DHCP. I want to create a DMZ for it to my linux box. BUT my question is, with DHCP can I hard code an IP in my linux box with out problems? This is assuming that I use a number that won't already be taken, or using a higher number than the number of PC I have. What do you think will this work?

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    Re:Quick DHCP Question

    You can assign an ip static to it. Just make sure your dhcp server won't try to lease it to someone else (exclude it from the lease range.)

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    Re:Quick DHCP Question

    Or based on host names, you have have specific IP assign to that host only.

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    Re:Quick DHCP Question

    Thank you trickster! I've been doing it with a script in dhcpd.conf that uses the mac addy to assign a static ip with the dhcp server--what a pain. Your way is much better.

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    Re:Quick DHCP Question

    by the way, the dhcpd.conf manpage will show you an example of how to have the dhcp server give out the static ip based on mac address.

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