Some tricks I know about googling that might be helpful.

We all know

will search all things linux. However, there is also: (searches the U of A). (searches Arizona State Univ.)

Also, when searching for something you can use the + and - operator, so a search of

foo +bar -this

Will return pages that contain both foo and bar, but not this.

And the last trick up my sleeve is the ~. Adding a tilde in front of the word will tell google to search for that word, pluss any synonyms it has. So a search for


Should also search for Inns, Motels, Resorts, etc.

You can enter "define:" before any search criteria and it will give you a definition.

"A freeware clone of UNIX for 386-based PC computers. Linux consists of the linux kernel (core operating system), originally written by Linus Torvalds, along with utility programs developed by the Free Software Foundation and by others. Since PC hardware is inexpensive and linux is essentially free the combination of the two is a practical way of developing inexpensive and reliable HTTP service."

It also has a basic calculator function where you enter the calculation and you are given an anser.

Enter 34+6
Google will display: 34 + 6 = 40