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Thread: Stupid streaming audio question

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    Stupid streaming audio question

    I know this is a stupid question and it's probably not possible to do this, but if anyone has tried this, please let me know. Basically I want to webcast an audio stream. Being on a capped cable network won't allow me to use my own bandwith. I have a website with SSH access, unfortunately they don't support any streaming technologies. I was hoping I could run my own Shoutcast server with it, but all the ports and are managed and closed via the host, so I could run the server. Like I said, I know it's probably not possible, but I just have to ask, is there anything out there would let me to stream from my computer and relay to the webpage so others could listen?

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    Re:Stupid streaming audio question

    You could stream on a different/open port, but the problem will be installing the software on the server to stream... Also, it eats a ton of bandwidth.

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