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I don't know man. I don't believe that it's a "guy thing".[/quote]
Well, I kindda tried to ignore it but I gotta say something or else.

Every one has the thing they want to show off or they LOVE to invest time in. NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME.

For you, may be your VAN or SUV fit the bill (I myself drive a van because I carry cargo for my work as well as employees for short trips). For a man in his 20s who have no intention of carrying more than himself plus a girlfriend, why waste so much freaking gas by driving gas sucking V6s SUVs or V8s which is mostly the case with those cars. The small sports fit the bill. Plus, sport cars are much more easier to handle than those boxy big suckers.

I can turn a short curve in my Supra with little body movement but the van won't even cut it. Small cars are easier to park and need less parking space ( ever heard of compact car only parking space?).

A vehicle to me is just a tool to get you from point A to point B or to carry cargo or people, not a status symbol, something to show off.
That is depends on you. I bet you buy your cloths from Wal-mart or K-Mart. It's just a cloth. Why buy name brand? It's just a cloth.