What's the story on Tablet PC's? I know MS has a special "Tablet OS" for these babies, and Lycoris has its own "Tablet edition." I just read the other day that someone's been working on "Tabiword" which is Abiword for the Tablet PC. From what I understand, Tablets are standard hardware, no? Would I be able to install regular distros on these things?

What I'm specifically trying to ask is, would it be possible to pick up one of ElementComputer's $1000 Linux tablets, and wipe Lycoris and throw on Fedora instead?

See, I *really* don't like the look of the Lycoris desktop, and I'm would be using this thing primarily for development and office needs. I'm afraid Lycoris' offerings fall dismally short in the area of Office, even with their "Productivity Pack" (OpenOffice 1.0.3). I'd probably need OpenOffice, and would probably prefer Abiword/Gnumeric. As for desktops, well I just plain prefer Gnome.

So does anyone know if this is possible? Fedora on a tablet would be SLICK.

EDIT: I'm also considering the following: http://www.elementcomputer.com/store...products_id=34

$799 Laptop...can't beat that. Same question applies, however. Any word on how other distros run on these babies?