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    Internet connection


    Ok here is the deal.
    I have no idea what I am doing ??? :-[
    I just loaded Mandrake 9.2 from a couple of cd's given to me with no manuel.
    I am very new to Linux.
    How do I setup an internet connection?
    I have cable.
    I am using KDE.


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    Re:Internet connection

    does the cable connection use PPPoE or dhcp? i know for redhat 9 tehre is an internet connection that walks you through thr process.

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    Re:Internet connection

    Also, is it out of the wall, into the cable modem, into your computer via eithernet/usb? Or wall, modem, router (for sharing, etc) to your computer via ehternet?

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    Re:Internet connection

    No PPPOE.
    I think dhcp.

    It connects to my laptop via usb...and when I click the usb icon it reads the cable modem, but I dont get any connection to the internet and dont know how to configure the connection.

    I will open the internet browser (Konqueror)
    and it will say unknown host.

    Sooo I dont know where to go after that
    I can go in the settings
    and click plugins but I don't see anything new in there.

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    Re:Internet connection

    How's your network setup?

    Your ISP --> Cable Modem --> Mandrake 9.2 laptop ?

    Using USB port to your cable modem's USB port? Is your modem have Eathernet RJ45 port you can connect to?

    We need more info to help you set up.

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    Re:Internet connection


    What is the model of your cable modem? And what is your cable provider?

    The reason why I ask is because, usually, you can go to google and type "the name of my modem" + "Mandrake"


    "The name of my modem" + "linux" and you will probably find out an article about someone who had the same setup as you, and how that person hot it to work.


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    Re:Internet connection

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