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Thread: program idea..

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    program idea..

    I want to learn a scripting language, something simple, yet can do a lot of tasks..which one would you suggest?

    my background in programming includes:
    HTML (doesnt really count)
    very little C++
    a bit of PHP, but not much

    There is some simulations of stuff i want to make...the main one being trying to create two simple "bots" and having them intereact..though that might be a bit out of my league

    what language would be best for me?

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    Re:program idea..

    I would say Perl. Grab a good book (Teach yourself perl in 24 hours is good) and learn.

    It's easy to get a hold on, I learned BASIC before Perl, and I knew a wee bit of C++, so it may be just as easy for you.


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    Re:program idea..

    i found perl nice for making aimbots mainly because searching for modules is easy with cpan... too bad i actually don't know the language and I'm just running off of the php i know...

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    Re:program idea..

    thanks guys, i was already thinking of perl,

    but some people were like "perl? ew!" use *insert language here* instead, its much better, blah blah blah.

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    Re:program idea..

    PERL, and then develop an extension for eggdrop that will search for players in SOF II land by handle. ;D Actually, may tackle that myself. Good way to learn no?

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    Re:program idea..

    Python is a very nice, simple language.

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    Re:program idea..

    I have no experience with scripting languages outside of bash for coding.

    But I tried to read both perl and python and I find the syntax in Python easier to understand.
    Perl however has a good support framework with lots of extentions to play with, better than python as I understand.

    I'm guessing C# doesn't count really but you should learn it - it's a fine language. As you have used a bit of C++ before it might appeal to you as the syntax is similar but less insane,

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    Re:program idea..

    Python is slick. Actually two bots that interact would probably be a cool python project, as it's much more conducive to object-oriented programming, and that's probably what you want when you have two programs interacting.

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