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    Stanley Cup

    Who do u think's going to bring home the cup this year?
    My pick is Detroit! Even though like to see the Leafs do it! 8)

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    its a little early to be calling it, wouldn't you agree?

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    Red Wings all the way. Leafs haven't been to bad this year, but come on! It's Detroit!

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=14;threadid=8259;start=0#msg74897 date=1070782068]
    Red Wings all the way. Leafs haven't been to bad this year, but come on! It's Detroit!

    Man, you could have just as easily said that the leafs would lose with "come on! It's Toronto!" Unfailingly they make it past the first round into either the second or third...but NEVER under ANY circumstance will they proceed farther than the quarter finals. This is the way things are, and this is the way things will always be.

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    LOL. Those are some words of wisdom for sure.

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    Might be a little early in the season, I agree. But never hurts to give a early guess! And see if it comes true!

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    Re:Stanley Cup

    Gee let me see.... who would i pick?

    New Jersey Devils!!!!

    Althought the more i watch the redwings the more i think they are going to do it. Yzerman is having a hell of a year and ofcourse, the best right winger to ever play the game, a card carrying member of the "700" club, the one and only Brett Hull is haveing another great start to the season.

    But then again detroit does have a history of first round defeats by some pretty weak teams.....

    As far as toronto EVER making it to the finals, i say NEVER, not as long as they have the cheapest player ever to play the game, Darcy Tucker. I wish toronto a lifetime of first round disapointments!! Can you tell i dont like the leafs??

    Colorado does have a good team.... when forsberg gets healthy watch out for those guys.

    In all honestly i do believe the devils can at least make it back to the finals again this year. In the west it will be between the red wings and avalanch.


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