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Thread: Kernel compiling

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    Kernel compiling

    ???Need help compiling kernel 2.6test11. I've tried it on a couple different machines, running Redhat 9 on both. Only menuconfig works (not experienced enough to figure out why xconfig wouldnt run, then further in the process make bzimage didnt work, oh! before that I got a warning that make dep is not necessary. Been following the PET as closely as I can without it working. Is there anything else like the PET, Somewhere????

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    Re:Kernel compiling

    This is what I do:

    make menuconfig
    make dep
    make clean
    make bzImage
    make modules
    make modules_install
    cp /usr/src/linux-x.x.xx/arch/i386/bzImage /boot/vmlinux-x.x.xx
    cp /usr/src/linux-x.x.xx/ /boot/
    ln -s /boot/ /boot/

    then edit your LILO or GRUB and add another section to point to /boot/vmlinux-x.x.xx
    run 'lilo' for LILO

    One thing I see a lot of people forgetting to add in the kernel conf is Loadable Module Support for the kernel (2nd menu in menuconfig).

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    Re:Kernel compiling

    redhat 9 is not kernel 2.6 ready, to make it ready have alooky here:;page=kernel
    and here:

    when i get a chance i will update the PET, or make a new one.
    the thomer link is what i used, though i am not using the 2.6 kernel at the moment.

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    Re:Kernel compiling

    Speaking of issues with distros, has anyone heard of any others? Probably after 2 days of compiling I can leave a comment for the PPC 2.6test11 on Debian, but I think I'll stick with 2.4.23 until that one snowy day.

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    Re:Kernel compiling

    ;DThanks guys. got what I needed.

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