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Thread: IE is messing up my web page..

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    IE is messing up my web page..

    I am working on a website,

    and I have it working fine in mozilla and mozilla firebird, but internet explorer likes to make it look bad.

    can anybody tell me what i did wrong in my code, i cant find it.

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    Re:IE is messing up my web page..

    You looked at it in IE, thats the problem ;D.

    Since lots of people use IE it's understandable you want your page to work in it. One thing I would say is add "'s on all your modifiers (like ALIGN="left" not ALIGN=left). While that shouldn't make a diffrence, it does in some browsers.

    The fact you are aoviding CSS is good since IE has major bugs with CSS.

    What is showung up wrong if I may ask.

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    Re:IE is messing up my web page..

    Also, I think you have to specifty the old standard for scripts when supporting IE like <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScriptVERSION">

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    Re:IE is messing up my web page..

    I modified the code some to adjust to the size of the screen and to remove the white lines on the top corners. It looks exactly the same in IE, Firebird and Mozilla. Notice I moved the banner up a few lines, changed the width/height of the tables/cells, and added hspace="0" to the corner images.

    Modified code:
    <body bgcolor="#c9cca1">
    ******<img border="0" src="banner.jpg" width="475" height="75"><br>
    ******<table ALIGN="left"  height=90% BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="100%">
    ******<tr ALIGN="left" valign=top >
    *********<td width=15%>
    *********<!--data for one-->
    *********<!--end data for two-->
    *********<td width="75%" bgcolor="white">
    *********<img src="top_left.jpg" align=left hspace="0" width="54" height="54">
    *********<img src="top_right.jpg" align=right hspace="0" width="54" height="54">
    *********<!--data for two-->
    *********<!--end data for two-->
    *********<td width="25%">
    *********<!--data for three-->

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    Re:IE is messing up my web page..

    Thanks Whiz, that did it.

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