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Thread: CPU Fan Speed

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    CPU Fan Speed

    Well today I just bought a new CPU fan/heat sink and it lets me control the RPM but i'm not sure what speed would be best, at default it's 4800(full speed) and 1300(minimum). During the day i'll have it at 4800 but at night I want it be be quiet, i'm afraid of putting it a 1300 because the CPU might over heat :-[ so what would be the best speed ???


    p.s I also have 3 case fans and one HDD fan.

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    I'm paranoid with this stuff.. so i'd say max 24/7, just let it hypnotize you into a deep sleep

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    lil let it hypnotize me it already drives me nuts with the old one :P

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    do some controlled testing. run it at 90% speed for a hour, check hte temp with gkrellm. keep going down in 10% increments. Of course, you will want to simulate a "normal" load for night time use to get a accurate idea.

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    here is what i did

    somebody told me that the retail amd processers dont come with good enough fans, so i ran folding@home for a hour, looked at the temp, looked at it an hour later, then left it on overnight and looked at it in the morning

    i determined it was fine, and bought a cd drive with what i was gunna buy a heatsink with instead

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    So far at night while haveing 4 bit torrent downloads going and a 3d image render it's seems to be just fine at 1800rpm but I do not know how hot it is because gkrellm sensors don;t work "no sensors found" ??? and at top speed it is sooo loud

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    There is no set speed to run it at. The only way to find out is to look at the temperature of it. I can run mine at minimum for normal load, but need to crank it up if I'm using a high load. What kind of CPU is it, and what kind of HSF?

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    It's an AMD 1800+ and this is the HSF i think it works great ;D

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    Re:CPU Fan Speed

    That is exactly the same setup that I'm running. I just leave mine on low, unless its a hot day in which case I'll crank it up to about half. I'd really reccomend getting sensors working though, because that is your best bet.

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