Hi, will probably see a lot of me since I am pretty new to linux, but am loving it. I just installed SuSE Pro 9.0. I had to manualy config a few things, but really it seems to have picked up everything. Like my onboard sound and LAN with my ASUS A7N8X. Problem is I cant get the internet to work, and really dont know how too.

I have DSL, but am connecting through a Netgear router MR814v2 with latest firmware. It picks up both onboard nic's, and durning the install it picked it up as Asustek 3C920B-EMB Intergrated Fast Ethernet configured as Eth0 with DHCP. Then when it tried to test, it faild and said DHCP is already running on Eth0.

I mean I really dont know what to do to fix it since I dont have any more time tonight to mess with options.

Thanks in advance and any help is much appreciated.