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Thread: recurring events in calendar

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    recurring events in calendar

    I've written a (fairly nice imho) calendar display program that uses a MS SQL server to hold the data. One of the problems I am having is with recurring events. Entering them day after day after day is a bit much, since some of them go for a month or two non-stop. What I'd like to do is give the person entering the data the option of a start and stop date. Then when it is submitted, some how cycle thru every date between the two to enter the information in hte SQL server.

    Should it be something as simple as adding a day to the start date, creating a new date from that, sending the SQL statement, increment a counter, add the counter to the start date and repeating until start date + counter == end date? Or is there a better way?

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    Re:recurring events in calendar

    What language are you programming on?

    Do you want to do this from the SQL side or from the application side?

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    Re:recurring events in calendar

    What a nice idea. I would be interested in this same thing. I've got a calendar system written in PHP which interfaces with a MySQL db...

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    Re:recurring events in calendar

    Coding it all in php. Got it working, it was relatively easy to do my plan. Next is to allow people to schedule long events (month or two) and skip weekends, or recurring on whatever day(s) of the week.

    Several people have posted interest in the scripts, so I'll try to get them cleaned up and commented (comments are for weenies ), remove the stuff specific to the school, and post it.

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