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Thread: Essay (non computer/linux)

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    Essay (non computer/linux)

    Hey guys/girls I have an essay I just wrote but I want others option about it before I hand it in. If you notice any thing wrong or have other suggestions that can make it better please post it.

    The Holocaust
    By Michael Gilson

    The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. "Holocaust" is a word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire." The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially superior" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," were "life unworthy of life." During the era of the Holocaust, the Nazis also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority": Roma (Gypsies), the handicapped, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political and behavioural grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals.
    In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. Most European Jews lived in countries that the Third Reich would occupy or influence during World War II. By 1945, close to two out of every three European Jews had been killed as part of the "Final Solution", the Nazi policy to murder the Jews of Europe. Although Jews were the primary victims of Nazi racism, other victims included tens of thousands of Roma (Gypsies). At least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled people were murdered in the Euthanasia Program. As Nazi tyranny spread across Europe, the Nazis persecuted and murdered millions of other people. More than three million Soviet prisoners of war were murdered or died of starvation, disease, neglect, or maltreatment. The Germans targeted the non-Jewish Polish intelligentsia for killing, and deported millions of Polish and Soviet citizens for forced labour in Germany or in occupied Poland. From the earliest years of the Nazi regime, homosexuals and others deemed to be behaving in a socially unacceptable way were persecuted. Thousands of political dissidents (including Communists, Socialists, and trade unionists) and religious dissidents (such as Jehovah's Witnesses) were also targeted. Many of these individuals died as a result of incarceration and maltreatment.

    Before beginning the war in 1939, the Nazis established concentration camps to imprison Jews, Roma, other victims of ethnic and racial hatred, and political opponents of Nazism. During the war years, the Nazis and their collaborators created ghettos, transit camps, and forced-labour camps. Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941,Einstazgruppen(mobile killing units) carried out mass-murder operations against Jews, Roma, and Soviet state and Communist party officials. More than a million Jewish men, women, and children were murdered by these units. Between 1942 and 1944, Nazi Germany deported millions more Jews from the occupied territories to extermination camps, where they murdered them in specially developed killing facilities.
    In the final months of the war, SS guards forced camp inmates on death marches in an attempt to prevent the Allied liberation of large numbers of prisoners. As Allied forces moved across Europe in a series of offensives on Germany, they began to encounter and liberate concentration camp prisoners, many of whom had survived the death marches. World War II ended in Europe with the unconditional surrender of German armed forces in the west on May 7 and in the east on May 9, 1945

    The Rwanda
    Between 500,000 and 800,000 Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus were killed in between April and July 1994 in Rwanda. They were hunted down by Hutu extremists in an orgy of killing set off by the death of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana when his plane was shot down on April 6, 1994.

    Fearing to get embroiled in yet another vicious civil conflict, the UN, the United States, Rwanda's former colonial ruler Belgium and other nations did little to prevent the killings. The Rwandan-based UN Force known as UNAMIR, which could have helped protect civilians, was withdrawn on the advice of US and other diplomats.


    I believe that the holocaust was an act of aggression towards the Jewish people. The result of Nazi policy was that millions of Jews and others died.

    The Rwanda incident. The U.S. and the U.N. turned a blind eye to the problem in Rwanda which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. This, I believe is the main difference from the Nazi holocaust in that situation the countries of the world fought to save the innocent from death.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    You could also mention Joseph Stalin. He is responsible for more human deaths than Hitler or any other well know dictator. But because his attrocities were done against mostly his own people and kept in secrecy behind the iron curtion we still don't know everything and very little is being mentioned. He had his version of concentration camps called "Gulags". Just check on Google for "Stalin" and "Gulag" to find more info.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    What's the assignment? What level of writing is expected here?

    Your background on the issue seems correct. It's difficult to give suggestions without knowing the assignment. If you're supposed to give examples of genocide, then this fits the bill. If you're supposed to do any kind of analysis regarding systemic racism (which I sincerely hope is the case...I'd otherwise expect much more of the public education system), then perhaps a more detailed analysis of events leading up to the holocaust and Rwandan War would be appropriate. I'm reading a lot of "this happened, and this happend, and this happend" and none of "this is WHY this happened...this happened, which triggered this series of events by ensuring the following." Putting facts on paper is easy. Tieing them together as a coherent series of events is a little different.

    Other than that, give your conclusion an overhaul (it's a conclusion, not a summary) and you'll probably be ok.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    This is what it says I have to do.

    "Research the Holocaust: the reasons for it's existence in history and the lessons in history. Give modern-day examples of Genocide and explain why they happend"

    So I guess I need more "Why" then huh. I'm not very good writing essays all I did on this was just type what I had in my head.

    So when I get home from school I guess i'll make another "version" of it and post it here.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    accurate, the Rwanda situation is truely horrid. i am not sure if you are making a statement here, it kinda seems like you are but it is vague if you are. of course the situations were very different.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    Since we're on the subject. You might also give examples from China's cultural revolution and Cambodia's Khmer Rouge.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    Lets not forget the Ethnic Albanians in Bosnia/Herzagovina. Im not really sure how many died over there, but it was more than enuff to warrant mentioning.


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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    I wanted to do an essay on the greatest supporters of state sponsored terrorism (the US, Iran, etc.) for a long time, but this seems like an equally good fun.

    Remember Turkey has performed genocides on a quite large scale earlier, Stalin as memntioned earlier was a dicator of quite some imporance within such an assignment. Cambodia's Pol Pot also did his bit of the world towards world population reduction.

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=8231;start=0#msg74706 date=1070457007]
    I wanted to do an essay on the greatest supporters of state sponsored terrorism (the US, Iran, etc.) for a long time, but this seems like an equally good fun.[/quote]

    If you are going to throw the US in there, you might as well include USSR/CCCP, and the East Germans, oh, and dont forget the peace loving people of North Vietnam.

    Now I remember why I quit coming here, to many trolls.

    so long and thinks for all the fish

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    Re:Essay (non computer/linux)

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=14;threadid=8231;start=0#msg74681 date=1070416102]

    The Rwanda incident. The U.S. and the U.N. turned a blind eye to the problem in Rwanda which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

    Why are you singeling out the U.S. from the U.N? Why not just say the UN?

    Why do you feel the need to put that in there? What does that have to do with the essay?

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