Once again, I am hiring! So if anyone in the NY City area is interested in a help desk position, pm me here. Really we are a heavy Win2k/Citrix Metaframe shop, so that means no linux work. But hey it's a job. Specifically I am looking for someone to assist our end users (the staff, students and faculty of a small college) with all types of support: ie. account-related help (account creation, passwords and email support), application-level support (Office, Cyrstal, Quark, Photoshop, etc). This position also involves the maintenance of all our orginizational desktops, thin clients, peripherals and audio visual systems. It's your run-of-the-mill help desk position. Realistically, I am looking for a geek, not just someone with a few certs whose installed Winblows once or twice.

I just thought I'd extend the offer to all of you here before it hits the papers. Don't know the salary yet. But if you ask me in a pm, I'll try to find out.