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Thread: Stupid cdrom question

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    Stupid cdrom question

    Ugh...I should really know this, but for some reason it's not working.

    As root, I can use my dvd rom drive for all applications. I can play DVD's, VCD's, audio CD's, mount cd's, and rip audio CD's. As user, I can play DVD's and some VCD's, mount some cd's, and cannot rip audio cd's. I assume it's some sort of permissions problem since it all works great with root. I've changed /dev/cdrom and /dev/cdrom1 and /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1 to all kinds of permissions, and even at 777 I can't rip CD's.


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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    What are the permissions for your ripping program?


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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    No deal...still cant' happen with permissions of 777.

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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    did u check the permissions on the link to the cdrom player instead of the device itself?

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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    Yep...if what you mean is what I think you mean.

    I'm using scsi emulation for both my cdrom drives. I have a dvd rom player on /dev/scd0 and a cd/rw on /dev/scd1. They're both symlinked via /dev/cdrom and /dev/cdrom1 respectively. I changed the permissions on /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1, as well as /dev/cdrom and /dev/cdrom1, as well as sound-juicer. They're all 777, and users still can't rip cd's.

    Perhaps it's a gstreamer permissions thing? Oooh I'm gonna look for the ripping plugin when I get home!

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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    yeah it was something like that. I left the book at work so I will edit this and post what I really meant in the morning. Sorry :-[


    Ok, it says pretty much same thing. Sorry I couldnt help more.


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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    Does it need to be set suid root?

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    Re:Stupid cdrom question

    I find that mine needed /dev/sr0 set 555 for me to be able to write

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