I'm just out of curiosity playing around with suse9.0 istallation....
It's been awhile since I was thinking about it , cause RH is pretty flexible regarding the partitioning, but anyway:
So far it looks like SUSE allows to create 4 partitions, I've created 3 primary partitions (swap, boot, and /) and here is the funny thing:
I have 9G disk, three primary partitions take up 1G, so I'm supposed to have 7G left, so I create axtended partition, specify 7G as size, then receive error messaeg saying it exceeds the number of available cylinders and gives be an option to allocate all available space. I say amen (ok) to that and it creates partition of 4G.
a) Where did my 3G go? (Why it takes only 4 out of 7 available Gigs)
b) As to the SUSE partitioning - is the same number of allowed partitions as on the RH or is it somehow different?