Hmm, I read this sweet little trick on a forum somewhere. I'll find out where it was and give credit where credit is due.

Anyways, here's a nice enhancement for your Xterm-based terminal:

Oddly enough, few people has heard about the command called shopt. Shop can be used to set/unset options specific for you terminal. For instance, typing 'shopt -s' in the terminal produces a list of options turned on. In my case, this is:

$ shopt -s
checkwinsize on
cmdhist on
expand_aliases on
hostcomplete on
interactive_comments on
progcomp on
promptvars on
sourcepath on

shopt -u shows a list of options that are not currently on.

Now, if you try shopt -s checkwinsize, you'll get that annoying wordwrapping fixed.

Trying shopt -s cdspell enables a cool little 'spellchecker'. Example:

$ shopt -s cdspell
$ cd /sur/scr

Sweet, no?

Hope this helps anyone. shopt is pretty nice, even though it's just a minor thing. Try placing these commands in /etc/profile to have them enabled at all times.