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Thread: Motherboard dead?

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    Motherboard dead?

    Today I moved all my hardware from one case to another very carefully. So when I booted up my computer nothing would come on the screen, the monitor says "No screens found" and thats all that is there. So I check all the cables and it was all ok. Untill my friend pointed out that one of fans was not working and it turned out to be that the little fan ( the one under the cpu) was not spining and could the chip could be fried :'( are those chip replaceable or do I need to buy a new MB ???


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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    hi michael - well - it it is an older AMD processor it could be cashed - but odds are it is okay of the heat sink was properly attached, it does far more than the fan in first few minutes. this has happened to me several times and near as i can tell some of my grounding is bad, i will take mb back out, make sure all the standoff are okay and then put it back in and i ahve never had a board i thought was dead go bad on me.

    and oh yea - those chips are very replacable.


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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    hey I don't mean the processor but that other one (what's it called ???) here you can find a pic it's the one where it says 8X. If that chip can be replaced how much do you think it might cost in CDN ???


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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    ah - that one is a BGA (Ball Grid Array) on my mainboard and is not easily replaced. but i seriously doubt it went bad, my chipset is the same and i only have a heatsink, a reativly small heatsink too.

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    Yeah, I've also had my share of bad ( grounding ) Chasis as well. The MB won't POST in one chasis and it's all good in the other so I would suggest to try with another chasis.

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    Well it works fine now I just had a few drinks and thought I might as well try removing everything and put it back together. The fan still does not work but the heat sink on it should work fine until I get a new fan.

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    Sorry for getting to this one so late. I have the same motherboard and while I did not have the same problem I did discover that the chipset fan that ships with the board is really POS (sleeve bearing which is not that good). Anyway I was troubled with some really annoying noise from the fans failing bearings until I replaced it with an aftermarket fan (I forget the size).

    From what I have read, some folks seem to think that the chipset would be OK unless there is some overclocking going on but me, being the cautious type, went ahead and put on a new fan.

    Anyway, glad to hear all is well. This incident may have just spared you the bother of having to replace the fan after it begins to annoy you with really irksome noises.

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    Yea I was gonna replace the fan on boxing day and get one of those oversized fans for the cpu does thermal paste work any good ???

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=3;threadid=8214;start=0#msg74671 date=1070408545]
    Yea I was gonna replace the fan on boxing day and get one of those oversized fans for the cpu does thermal paste work any good ???

    owwie - i had a similar one and it is possible that you were able to here it all the way into canada - from illinois.

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    Re:Motherboard dead?

    nice wording anyways it is the only one in my area and other parts of vancouver that had it and for only 45 ;D but i'm not sure if it 's going to fit 'cause that thing is HUGE

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