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Thread: M$ Windows now in your car

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    M$ Windows now in your car

    I remember reading a joke about microsoft creating cars, well now it's kinda going to happen :-[

    "The software maker has persuaded a number of carmakers to use its slimmed-down Windows CE operating system to power a variety of in-car electronics, from navigation systems to music players to information devices. BMW, in particular, has gravitated to Microsoft systems, although the company has announced wins with Honda, Volvo and others as well."

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    Re:M$ Windows now in your car

    You can just see the "wheels" of monopolistic thinking behind this...
    "We'd like to have one of our operating systems in every car on Earth," said Dick Brass, vice-president of Microsoft's automotive business unit. "It's a lofty goal."

    Cars with the Microsoft software will speak up when it's time for an oil change. They'll warn drivers about wrecks on the road ahead and scout alternative routes. They'll pay freeway tolls automatically. The software running their brakes will upgrade itself wirelessly.
    IN OTHER NEWS... a German hacker group announces a Linux hack that allows users to run Linux (the opensource and freely available operating system) on "CAR-BoX" mobile PC systems, RIAA threatens to sue users who use the Linux hack on CAR-BoX claiming that it circumvents the DRM which makes it impossible to play unsigned mp3s. SCO also wants a piece of the action stating that SCO owns the rights to hydrocarbons used in Gasoline,they will sue major oil companies and begin sending letters demanding license fees from Gasoline users.

    Microsoft has responded by releasing an upgrade that closes the Linux hack and erases the vehicle's ECU BIOS -making it impossible to restart the vehicle until it has been reprogrammed at a dealer.

    This upgrade will be brought to you "On-$t@r"users by automatic download.

    Welcome to the brave new world...

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    Re:M$ Windows now in your car

    HAHHA - good one CMonster

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