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Thread: 2.6 & Mouse Issues

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    2.6 & Mouse Issues

    Is there some issue with kernel 2.6 & mice? It seems that no matter how I build 2.6, the mouse is not detected. When I boot 2.6 and startx to kde, the cursor is on the screen, but can not be moved. I have tried using XF86Config as is, as well as rewriting XF86Config using xf86cfg. Neither works. Additionally, I orginally built 2.6 by copying my old config from 2.4.20. That didn't work, so I rebuilt 2.6, using make menuconfig, from scratch. Nothing works. The mouse and XF86Config work fine under Gentoo-Sources, so I have no idea what is happening under 2.6. Any hints or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re:2.6 & Mouse Issues

    hello - is usb devfs installed?

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    Re:2.6 & Mouse Issues

    you need event device and mouse support for USB mouse, as well as usbmouse or hid support.

    /dev/input/mice is the normal device btw.

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    Re:2.6 & Mouse Issues

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't eat too much!

    I don't have a usb mouse, is a simple ps/2. I am not sure if I had the usb devfs enabled or not, will have to check that. (And yes I feel like quite the idiot for not being able to figure this out, without asking for help!)

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    Re:2.6 & Mouse Issues

    opps - sorry have not respionded earlier - you do need input devices enabled

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