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Thread: saving streaming video.

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    saving streaming video.

    I found a free streaming nightwish concert, , and I was wondering if there is any way to save the streaming media so i could watch it later?

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    If the format is supported by mplayer, you could try running mplayer with the -dumpstream option and see if that works. I successfully saved a stream in .wmv format this way once.

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    i havnt gotten it to work in mplayer yet, but i think if i tried hard enough, i could.

    the format is for windows media player, if that helps?

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    Yep, I think it should work then, as long as you have the win32 codecs installed.

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    Ok, I just saved a chuck of that concert and it works. I used the gxine plugin to get the address of the video. GXine will start playing the video, and if you click Playlist, it will show the address (an mms:// address).

    Then, use GMMS to download it.

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    sweet, ill have to try some stuff out ... that is my favorite band, and i want to save that concert to watch any time

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    Re:saving streaming video.

    File completly saved. Thanks for your help. I owe you one

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