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Thread: SuSE 9.0 ftp install

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    SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    The ftp install of SuSE 9 is now out, but I'm having a wee bit of trouble installing. I'm on university internet, and to get a connection to the outside world, I have to make an ssh connection to, now when I boot from the SuSE install CD, it doesn't give me a shell to play with or anything, so I can't seem to get to the outside world. Does anyone know a way around this? Or even just a way to get a shell open from the install CD?

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    I don't think you can someone else on another board that a similar problem. I think it was cause SuSE didn't add some sort of support/module to the boot image. But maybe you could just enter the IP addy manually ???

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    If you do Alt+Ctrl+F2, does it give you a shell?

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    You can always put a gateway in front and use a proxy to mask the protocol to a higher port.

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    trickster: nope, like i said, no shells to be found. It switches terminals, but they're all empty.

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=1;threadid=8192;start=0#msg74441 date=1069708266]
    You can always put a gateway in front and use a proxy to mask the protocol to a higher port.

    Sounds like more effort than it's worth.

    Right now i'm gonna try playing with vmware, we'll see what happens.

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    Howabout this :

    Grab a CD of Knoppix or Gnoppix or something similar
    Gftp or wget all the shit on their server
    Save it to your hard disk, which you will preformat (so you dont need to during the install, unless you want a separate rpm partition)
    Make sure that you ahve a nice mirror
    Make the boot floppy/CD
    Reboot with that.

    Install and have fun.

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    I just FTP installed Suse 9.0 and everything went fine. During installation I created a root password and created a regular user account.

    Once the final reboot, using Gnome, I can't login using regular user account. I keep getting an error message saying there is no /home/username created. Log in Failsafe mode.

    I did login using root and added regular user with password but still get that error when I log in from the gdm login screen. Looking at /home directory, I don't see /home/ghostdawg created either.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    I have it working now, using Yast2.

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    Alrighty, after downloading way too many files, I got all the required ones onto my hard drive (and plenty of ones that weren't required, oh well) then I did an install from HD, all went well. I'm now a proud SuSE user, from what I can see so far, I'm in love. It set up samba and everything! Wow, so little work for so much cool stuff. It did have some troubles with my graphics card (well, more with the mobo chipset really), but that's expected since it's a KT400, which isn't really supported in the 2.4 kernel. Thanks for the help all.

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    Re:SuSE 9.0 ftp install

    This should have been fixed. It was an issue awhile back, but has been fixed (at least it was in RH9). Did you get your boot.iso from /suse/current directory or 9.0? I noticed for some reason the 9.0 boot.iso installs 8.2 for some odd reason. A quick current boot.iso downloaded all the 9.0 core files. There was a workaround for an aperture problem, but not sure if that's your trouble. I had to start agpgart like so:

    agpgart agp_try_unsupported=1

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