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Thread: Familiar Linux (iPaq linux)

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    Familiar Linux (iPaq linux)

    Has anybody had a go with puting Familiar (or one of the other iPaq distros) on thier palmtop?

    I should be recieving my h5450 today, and was wondering wether it was worth doing (when they get the screen working). All though there's lots of nifty software that comes with it, if I can find open replacments, I'll happily hose it and bung familiar on it.

    Anyone heard anything good/bad/indifferent about Familiar?

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    Re:Familiar Linux (iPaq linux)

    Haven't heard of the distro, but I think you should check this out:

    GTK2, ported to the iPAQ.

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    Re:Familiar Linux (iPaq linux)

    Yeah, AFAIK you've got the choice of that or opie as your wm with Familiar.

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