I have a tiny network with two computers.

COMPUTER A: Windows 98SE ( partition 1 ) and RED HAT LINUX 8 ( partition 2 ). GRUB is the launcher.-

COMPUTER B: Windows 98SE

Computer A IN WINDOWS: - netmask Thats all.

Computer B only-windows: - netmask Thats all.

I boot both in windows. I PING the machines. I ping themselves. THE TINY NETWORK under Windows WORKS FINE.

So far, so good.


Now i want to make the "other net" to learn and test LINUX. In the future i plan to use the Kylix language.

I boot the COMPUTER A with RED HAT 8. It has the eth0 well configured.
i ping the card fine. ping localhost...shows what i expect.

/etc/hosts says: localhost.localdomain localhost servidor.linux servidor

Hostname says "servidor".

IPTABLES shows nothing. it says ACCEPT in every line.
ROUTE shows both things.

NFS is mounted, IPTABLES is mounted
( testing all this i stopped and started the service without success)

/etc/resolv.conf says nothing. is empty.

more? under /etc/sysconfig/network says "hostname=servidor.linux"...i put another things in it, but always RH8 leaves the file like that.
What other things? NETWORKING='yes"...but always i back to see the file and i see the hostname word only...

The other files network related shows the same things. There are nothing else.


I Boot the computer A. login as "root". NO ERRORS on any services.

There are no alias on eth0, nothing. My Linux is...pure. No firewalls. Nothing, nada, niet...

I boot the COMPUTER B. i go the DOS prompt


IN LINUX I PING SERVIDOR itself ....fine.

IN WINDOWS I PING ( the same machine )...fine.


I ping FROM WINDOWS (B) to LINUX (A)...time exausted.


Remember WINDOWS NT and its horrible "hardware list compatible" book?
Does LINUX have another? LINUX is more of the same thing?

Time I did the tiny LAN with Windows98SE: 10 minutes.

From two weeks ago I face with this problem. Nobody on the net says ANYTHING about this "LAN HOME NETWORKING with two stupid machines with Linux and Windows"

Im the only person on this world with this problem?

All people says me: "On internet you...", "The DNS..", my anger grows...I dont have internet connection here, i dont have DNS,

I-just-want-a-simple-ping-between LINUX AND WINDOWS.

ALL SAMBA STUFF will come later when I-CAN-PING-MY-F***ING-MACHINES and I can share files.

Im not a geek. Im just a simple Systems Engineer. I write applications and programs for bussiness. My knowledge about the TCP/IP is simple. With Windows or Novell networks i use what i know about TCP/IP and never I had any problem.

Can you imaging how I feel with I hear "LINUX will be THE ORGASM...its the future...its the best" and i-can-not-get-any-answer-from-my-machines-when-i-ping-each-other"

Detail: My Home LAN is a coaxial cable with two NIC cards 3Com model '97. I insist: on Windows , they work fine.

Do I have any hope?