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TOcompunuts: >>If any past experiences with 3Com cards are good, THIS IS the problem.>>

I was thinking on that. Its true. My two NICS's are old.
It's all good that you got it working ...

I didn't meant it in a way that your hardware is old. It's just that the driver can't autonegotiate media so you had to use 3com's own DOS based disk to change the media setting ( like MasterCopy said ).

I have those cards in Red Hat 6.0 boxes and they works. Just that I had to do media change plus had to put IRQ and IO setting manually.
TO compunuts:
>>If you meant that as in FREE BEER, you are soooo wrong. Linux is FREE as in FREEDOM.>>
Well. Interbase Open Source has no aditional costs in licences, in front of, for example, Oracle. And Linux is more cheaper that Windows NT, 2003 so...Remember: we are short of cash on these lands...
I can also understand about being cash stripped in developing countries ( as I'm being one of those supporting one very poor developing country ). The cost can be substantially lower if implemented it right. But like I said before, if you are taking as in FreeBeer, I just wanted to tell you that Linux is all about Free as in Freedom.

I'm hoping that one day, we can conference on how to implement government wide deployments. I hope you will stick around here until that time too. But I tell you, it's gonna take a hell of a long time before we can fight off those dirty politics in many government entities.

A good news for all fo you: Brazil government will reduce by <500 000 000 U$S> in licenses using Linux, MySQL and Interbase, in Public Administration.
Very good news indeed. Good luck to you.

We also have a thing called LAMP that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. That's for web services platform.