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Thread: Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    [quote author=ComingFromRedmond link=board=4;threadid=8173;start=0#msg74346 date=1069549957]

    >If you do, then you might have a half-live NIC which is, unfortunatly, a common problem with both new and older NIC's. A half-live NIC will show up as working fine but not actually send or recieve packets.>

    And why under Windows, my tiny lan works with these NICs?

    That was the point of the testing. If Windows on both machines works on your lan then the NIC isn't half-live but no one can know that until such testing is done or it is included in the information.

    >the only other thing I can think of is a firewall on one or both of the systems>
    There are none

    >but please be clear and well written

    Excuse my english, anyway.

    I have a multi-tier wireless lan with Red Hat 9, Debian, Mac OS X, Windows XP, and OpenBSD and all but OpenBSD worked all without a hitch as long as I knew the settings I wanted to include during install.

    My advice to you is to stick to windows. Linux isn't for everyone (at least not yet). It's still more or less geared to computer geeks, network administrators, software engineers, computer science graduates, and the like. Sure you'd save a hell of a lot of money with Linux but you'd have to learn how to use it and communicate problems effectively.

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=4;threadid=8173;start=0#msg74360 date=1069569348]

    The English is NOT your problem. The problem is you whine too much in one post. We are not here to read your long long posts. Just tell us what you did, what are the error you encounter, get to the question of what you need to know. Separate your whining with your questions.


    Dude, if you ask me he's doing well. He's tried a whole bunch of stuff, and is just now starting to get frustrated...something that's quite understandable given the stage he's at. could always have another "Derek" on your hands.

    ComingFromRedmond: You're almost there...keep at it!

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=4;threadid=8173;start=0#msg74365 date=1069585087]
    Dude, if you ask me he's doing well.[/quote]
    I'm not saying he isn't. All I said was to leave it separated questions and comments. could always have another "Derek" on your hands.
    Ah, who is Derek? :-\

    I'm almost out of ideas on this thread so you guys keep helping him.

    Peace out !

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=4;threadid=8173;start=0#msg74367 date=1069603283]

    Ah, who is Derek? :-\


    Anyway I'm afraid I'm of no more help here either. I'm no networking guru, and there are others on this board who are pretty damn decent at it.

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    Hi again fellas:

    TOcompunuts: >>If any past experiences with 3Com cards are good, THIS IS the problem.>>

    I was thinking on that. Its true. My two NICS's are old.

    The reasons you said are very convincent.

    I will try with two new NIC's and a hub.

    >>My advice to you is to stick to windows>>
    Ups: very well!. Imagine some Edison's friend say him
    "dont discover the telephone..stay with messanger pidgeons"....

    TO compunuts:
    >>If you meant that as in FREE BEER, you are soooo wrong. Linux is FREE as in FREEDOM.>>
    Well. Interbase Open Source has no aditional costs in licences, in front of, for example, Oracle. And Linux is more cheaper that Windows NT, 2003 so...Remember: we are short of cash on these lands...

    A good news for all fo you: Brazil government will reduce by <500 000 000 U$S> in licenses using Linux, MySQL and Interbase, in Public Administration. All that saving will be used in a program called "hambre cero" -zero hunger-...imagine the beauty of this thing in a country with many people under low line of poverty.
    MS, Oracle and so on...did a lot of strange business with those governments, with the licenses issues in areas like government, using corrutps politics. That's explain a lot of money that these companies have. Im from Argentina and I salute to Brazil for this action...World is big box of surprises...

    TO ALL: Of course: Im thankful for all your help you are giving me, people. I know: If linux someday will become the most SO in the history, will be for the people and their experiences with it. And all this is good...

    Nos vemos! See'ya!


    PD: im not "derek"... :'(

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    I assume all is working now? :-\

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=4;threadid=8173;start=0#msg74396 date=1069638700]
    I assume all is working now? :-\

    Hopefully so. I encourage you to write what your problem was and how you got it working in your native tongue. This will help others in your situation to easily find the fix they need.

    Good luck, hopefully things will work smoothly from now on.

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    Maybe my posted was missed, but I would like to know the outcome of what I was saying to do.

    The issue is that he can't ping from the Linux/Win box to the other Win box via BNC connection. It's not the routing, or the IP settings. To me it sounds like a media issue, but I won't know for sure until my suggestion is even given a try. Everything else is irrelevant.

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan



    What all you people said about the NIC was true.

    The 3Com driver form Linux is not working properly. Works under Windows, but not with Linux. I replaced with another NIC combo to use my current cable.

    Now The LINUX-WINDOWS tiny home lan WORKS.

    I drink whisky in honor to all of you.

    After that, i was attacked by anxieties. Installed SAMBA an I was succesful. I installed Interbase Open Source for Linux and I worked with Delphi from the other Windows machine.
    In three hours, I recover two weeks.

    I use my old cable and my old NICs because, if I get speed with these things, my applications will fly surely on more new environments.

    Thanks again. The only thing I need now is about DHCP.
    I will see how i get this.

    Thank you again for your help. You are truly good guys. All of you.

    Un gran abrazo desde Argentina.
    A big hug from Argentina. I own you a lot of beers or whisky.

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    Re:Extrange, Extrange situation with my home lan

    I have my dhcpd.conf file up here someewhere.

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