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Thread: *-a-Ding (as seen on tv)

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    *-a-Ding (as seen on tv)

    Has anyone used pop-a-dent or whatever they sell on infomercials. My mom back-up and hit my car. So Its a big enough dent that will cause my door not to open. This week has not been a lucky week for my car. On monday night/tuesday morning someone broke into my car and stole my stereo. :-\

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    Re:*-a-Ding (as seen on tv)

    Nope that wont work. That pop-a-dent is only good for small dents nothing big. so youg doing to have to go to a body shop and stay away from macco.

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    Re:*-a-Ding (as seen on tv)

    how small of a dent? Do you know?

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    Re:*-a-Ding (as seen on tv)

    well if you were to look at a 15" monitor(surface area) it would be about that and not very deep. do you have any pics.


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