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Thread: Happy wedding NGene

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    Happy wedding NGene

    Well, I know it's not untill the 22th, which by the way means you will share a wedding date with the 40th anniversary of the murder of JFK, which I personally consider an important day... so at least it will be easy to remember for me (hehe) - you're wedding gift should be in the mail shortly.

    So here's to ya both, may y'all live happily ever after....

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    I can't believe NGene is marrying!!!

    And we never got to see what she looked like!!!


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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    no worries - maybe there will be wedding pictures posted if we are all really nice ..

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene


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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    Much happiness to you both. Wedding pictures would be nice...

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Congratulations ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    Congrats NGene! Many happy returns to you both

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    i wish many happy years for ya NGene

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    Thank you guys and gals!

    I was about to start a "Happy wedding me" thread here at LJR, but Lovey beat me to it. ;D

    And yes, if you all behave well and nicely, I'll consider posting some wedding pictures here...

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    Re:Happy wedding NGene

    Happy Marriage!

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