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Thread: Create a Snowman

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    Create a Snowman

    A great way to waste sometime and create a snowman, great if you have kids or just bored ;D

    Here is one of my creations

    now show what you/kids made

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    combat snow dude!

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    No possible.
    I live in Northern Austrailia and its Summer and boy is it hot.
    Bu I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    Ah man, it's not up anymore :'(

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    Here ya go if you get a "server under too much load" just reload or wait 2 min

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    It worked! There are naked people!

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=17;threadid=8151;start=0#msg75670 date=1072076231]
    It worked! There are naked people!

    HUH...where ??? ??? ooohhh I see...Ashcrow found the "dress me up" games :P

    anyways post your snowman so we can see what you did

    EDIT: My latest creation

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    Re:Create a Snowman

    Jojo -
    That's a startling sig ya got there!

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