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Thread: Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please Lesbian linux porn-get ;D

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    Suse's Yast is great, I love that. The only thing I don't like about Suse is that it appears they've tried to get one of the "common" desktop feels between KDE & GNOME. I can't get KDE to look and act how I want it too with Suse's setup. That's quite a disappointment to me. I always thought Mandrake had a great desktop look. Suse's look seems to be more "corporate" than what I'd like. I'm gonna stick with it for awhile and see what it does. I certainly don't think I'm technically ready to try slackware or debian yet...

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    I am not suprised that SuSE followed Red Hat and MandrakeSoft in that area. For each of the latter, the simple solution was to just change the theme and style to whatever you really want. I am sure that either SuSE has different ones, or you can just as easily download new ones.

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    So is it pretty easy to install from FTP? I've got an extra partition I may give it a try.

    What to expect doing a FTP install?


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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    A FTP install is not going to be any different from a CD install except that you will not be retrieving the files from CD.

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    IMHO installing from FTP is pain in the neck, when I was trying it first time all servers were busy and I ended up installing it from Check Republic (being in Canada) with the very slow connection speed (and that was in spite that we have a dual-T1 at work)........thanks god I was able to borrow my friend's SUSE install media....

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    Re:Suse 9.0 Install Help Please

    I got mine installed using FTP and it took about 2 hours or so without any problems. I'm using cable internet access and I used a mirror near Chicago I believe.

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