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Thread: Outsiders

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    Wow...I really thought this board was done with ignorant ramblings like this thread.

    So, you don't like Arnold because he's a "foreigner". What about his kids? They're the children of a foreigner. Can they hold office if they want? I mean, they're so closely related to a foreigner...maybe they don't love this country either. Please grow up.

    Also, there is no law that says a naturalized citizen can't hold the presidency. It's actually in the Constitution. A president (even GWB) can't just change the law because he feels like it. An amendment requires a whole hell of a lot more than that.

    The bottom line is: You don't, for whatever very narrow-minded reason, like foreigners or think that they can become as "American" as you to hold office. That's ignorant, but fine, your opinion. Don't vote for them. That's also your right. If they get elected, you can always move elsewhere.

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    Let's not make any of this personal, guys.

    Let's keep it clean. Opinions are valid, but no personal remarks.

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    A quote from a t-shirt I saw a long time ago.
    "Before Columbus arrived, there were no taxes, no national debt, and women did all the work. And the white man thought he could improve on the system."

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    Personally it scares me that a man like Arnold who is not really known for his cunning politcal wit nor his political statements can become the head of one of the biggest economical entities in the world.

    I dunno about you people, but Arnold and George scares me shitless.

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    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=8141;start=0#msg74074 date=1069167710]
    Personally it scares me that a man like Arnold who is not really known for his cunning politcal wit nor his political statements can become the head of one of the biggest economical entities in the world.

    I dunno about you people, but Arnold and George scares me shitless.
    [/quote]If Arnie and George scare you, take a close look at Dick "heartbeat away from the presidency" Cheney; what a scary-looking pair of eyes he's got.

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    The United States has been referred to as a melting pot for a reason, I believe. Some of the best minds coming together and attempting to make the good better... certainly bad things happen along the way.

    I mean, when you tell a friend the blunt truth did you mean to hurt their feelings? I think the foundation of such a concept is shared in politics. You have to give some to take some. Its all compromise. So no one, born citizen or not, is going to be absolutely perfect. But if they can do a real good job, I think they should be given a shot no matter who they are. If the people say the can have that shot that is...Seems California felt that Arnold deserved a shot.

    I would also like to note I heard more about just the fact of Arnold being yet another celebrity in political office than him being originally not from this country. Just a curious observation, at least to me.

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    [quote author=FaeStars link=board=14;threadid=8141;start=0#msg74054 date=1069131300]

    He has money, yes. His wife comes from money and a political family... this I am not sure of. I don't know but I will take your word on it.

    Actually Maria Shriver is a relative to the Kennedy family. So, although I seriously disagree with GhostDawg's logic, that point is very accurate.

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    As for ignorant ramblings, I have found that now and in the past even if pointless things are brought up in any conversation some good comes out of it. We learn a little more about our fellow humans and how they think. We reflect upon ourselves and how we personally think so that we can convey our opinions in the manner we wish people to interpret them.

    Itís really a learning experience and if you can look at the situation from a distance and not take it personal you gain a lot more than you lose; if you lose at all. I find that even the most ignorant of statements can be one that stimulates you to think. To figure out why itís ignorant, and how/why you oppose the point it makes. More fun and even more challenging is how to find out if you agree with it in the tiniest manner, even if you canít explain why you do. I like to think, and currently have lots of time on my hands soÖ is a thing I feel I get something worthwhile out of my time.

    My point? See if you can make a something useless usefulÖ or something like that.

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    Who cares? He's lived here a good while and is in more touch with the people than the man who got recalled IMHO.

    I doubt a forigner could ever become president, the closest thing we had was Kenedy (Irish imigrants whose father wanted to rule the culturly elect).

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    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=14;threadid=8141;start=0#msg74090 date=1069189715]
    He's lived here a good while and is in more touch with the people than the man who got recalled IMHO.
    Absolutely. That's the main point.

    There are many so-called "foreigners" that hold high offices such as Secretary of States, Madaline Albright of Clinton Administration, to Henry Kissenger of Nixon Admin. They have all contributed to America's image and its policies and protected your freaking freedom.

    I voted for Gray Davis, now the former Gov, just because I thought Bill Simon was total idiots for California even though he was born here ( and he messed up a lot more than he had given back ). Davis got elected only because people didn't like the other guy even though Davis's approval rating was only 42% at that time. When he got first elected, the business was good and people are happy so no one cared what he does ( or does not ) while at the office because all was good.

    There comes the re-election and the dot-com bust was here. People are loosing jobs left and right. At that time, What he doesn't do was more apprent. He has no idea. People want change and he can't deliver that. VLF issue was just a scape-goat issue as well as driver license for illegals.

    Now you hear? PEOPLE WANT CHANGE.

    There comes Arnold. He is from Austria. Yes. But he deliver what people want. He is popular not just because he is action star but because what the says represents what people wanted to says. Even though he is a republican, his social policies are not too far from California's general politics. He is pro-choice. He is pro-gay-marriage. He is pro-religious-separation-with-state. He is pro-business.

    There are a few things that I don't agree with Arnold but I think generally he would be a great governor.

    1) VLF repeal - I don't agree

    That was political move that we are gonna have to pay later on. VLF is what a lot of funding going to local governments when the state can't afford. People in their right mind knows that we need this. Even though I just bought a new 2004 Van and knowing that the fee would be sky-rocketed, I'm ready to support pulling VLF into its original level before the reduction a few years ago.

    2) DL for illegals - I agree

    You know Davis signed this bill just to buy votes. It would be law enforcement nightmare. Rewarding illegals will also undermine USA's longest policies of legal immigration efforts. Uncontrolled migration is bad for everybody.

    3) Repealing of all executive orders issued by Davis - BAD BAD BAD

    There goes a few years worth of the whole state's time down the drain.

    Now, I like to see any native born delivering more than Arnold. Then we will talk. Other wise, shut your hole and do something for the country.

    It's not what the country can do for you but what YOU can do for the country.


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