Wow...I really thought this board was done with ignorant ramblings like this thread.

So, you don't like Arnold because he's a "foreigner". What about his kids? They're the children of a foreigner. Can they hold office if they want? I mean, they're so closely related to a foreigner...maybe they don't love this country either. Please grow up.

Also, there is no law that says a naturalized citizen can't hold the presidency. It's actually in the Constitution. A president (even GWB) can't just change the law because he feels like it. An amendment requires a whole hell of a lot more than that.

The bottom line is: You don't, for whatever very narrow-minded reason, like foreigners or think that they can become as "American" as you to hold office. That's ignorant, but fine, your opinion. Don't vote for them. That's also your right. If they get elected, you can always move elsewhere.

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