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Thread: Your PC

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    Re:Your PC

    [quote author=shebang link=board=3;threadid=8128;start=0#msg79826 date=1079301840]
    That's cool! Also, do you guys know if someone will sell a PC with Linux on it?
    Yeap, here.

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    Re:Your PC

    Thanks! I might look into buying the one at WalMart Microtel.

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    Re:Your PC

    [quote author=shebang link=board=3;threadid=8128;start=30#msg80000 date=1079491638]
    Thanks! I might look into buying the one at WalMart Microtel.

    If you do use this link so LJR gets a cut

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    Desktop: eMachines T5246, 2G ram, Athlon 64x2, 500G hard disk.

    Netbook: Asus EeePC 900A (the famous Best Buy edition), came with 4G SSD, now has 32G SSD, came with 1G SDRAM, now has 2G SDRAM.

    Notebook: Dell Inspiron 1545, came with 2G SDRAM, now has 4G, came with 160G spinning Hard Disk, now has 120G SSD.

    All above are running Kubuntu 11.10, as of March 29 2012.

    Retired ECS RC410L-800M mainboard with 3.30 GHz Celeron , 1G SDRAM, 120G HDD, last OS on it was PCLinuxOS 2011.2, IIRC.

    No Windows, just little Wine.


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