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Thread: Linux print server in a windows environment

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    Linux print server in a windows environment

    Hi all,

    The department I work for asked me to look into implementing a Linux print server for a horde of windows workstations. At the moment the print server runs on windows + some netware shit that just barely works. Especially when it comes to print quotas this solution seems to fall apart. Maybe it's the admin (not me) who doesn't know what he's doing maybe it's netware that really can't handle this...

    I have no real-life experience with print servers and I'm not sure how well Linux+samba+cups will work. Can I get some success stories on that? For example what happens when a user tries to print from a windows workstation and the quota is exceeded? Any chance the user will get a clear text error message on why the print job wasn't processed? Also what about the drivers? Do you have to install the printer driver on all the workstations (we have three HP LJ4050N printers)? Or will the printers magically appear once samba is set up?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Re:Linux print server in a windows environment

    You might give lpr/lpd a go. Most versions of Windows will have a package for such a print server.

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