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Thread: Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

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    Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    "Fedora Core 1 has been out now for a few days now and many faithful Linux fans have already installed it. Red Hat's Linux is still one of my favorite distributions because of one main reason: compatibility with Linux software. Red Hat is a market leader and following the market leader assures the least trouble for most users. But is this the case with Fedora Core?"
    This is a fair and somewhat lenghty review of Fedora Core 1, Red Hats free version of Linux.

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    Interesting. The fact that rpm STILL locks up is enough to make me reconsider installing it. Perhaps it's another Debian system for my next box.

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    A review coming from the one person on earth who refuses to believe that BeOS was flawed and worse yet still lives on..

    Personally Fedora is one of my personal favorite OSes, it's very polished and the biggest problem is that which plagues all rpm distros, due to the format you need every binary to be compiled against the very same dependencies you have on your PC, thus the software poll is smaller than on Debian or something like Gentoo.

    I did find that Fedora caused some problems in that the rhn-applet would crash when facing a large task, but other than that Fedora is largely a fine OS. I have yet to see RPM crash under the taskset I had for it, that included installing Mozilla and a JRE for Mozilla (using the semi official rpms).

    Eugenia blames Fedora for stuff they can't help:

    Lack of mp3 support - that's a legal issue, every distro should consider removing this malfeature, and encourage the use of ogg vorbis... lawyers will cause problems at some point if we do not take precautions.

    Lack of nVidia driver - legal issue as well, nVidia doesn't allow anyone to supply packaed drivers, not even microsoft are allowed this, you have to download the drivers seperately (using windows update on Windows if detected)

    Lack of popular plugins - legal issue, cannot be distributed in most cases or depends on stuff that cannot be distributed.

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    eugenia doesnt know shit, shes a lil bitch :-X just something i have picked up on watching osnews and her comments

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    eugenia is a girl

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    [quote author=burntash link=board=19;threadid=8116;start=0#msg73783 date=1068713054]
    eugenia doesnt know shit

    I'd be inclined to agree. The girl has really good taste in desktop aesthetics and themes and such, but her reviews are for the most part useless.

    Anyway I'll be holding back on Fedora until they get that RPM thing fixed. That plagued me to no end in RH8 and to some extent in RH9. Plus I've thought it through, and for the time being I'm extremely happy with Debian. Things are working just perfectly, it's easy to maintain, and quite fast. Next step is assembling an old 233 MHz box and randomly experiment. I take it Fedora wouldn't run so hot on one of those babys?

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    I thought she had some really good points. I can't remember who, but someone on the board had a similar if not same problem with flash on Fedora.

    In Fedora's defense it is a beta Linux distro and isn't really ment for people to use out side of fun-and-games desktop.

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=19;threadid=8116;start=0#msg73798 date=1068742498]
    In Fedora's defense it is a beta Linux distro and isn't really ment for people to use out side of fun-and-games desktop.

    Actually if you want to parallel it to something, its really RHL 10. The betas were severn and shit.

    But anyway, I actually find my self agreeing with LC. The broad is a moron, and for the most part crying about things that exist in most distros, much less the most popular ones out there.

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    I ended up in the end using SuSE instead of fedora (for reasons I won't go into here) but I have to agree with the popular consensus here, Eugenia doesn't know very much. She is a chick though so she gets cut a lot of slack.

    The biggest complaint I see is the RPM issues, which are not unique to RPM at all. "Dependency Hell" is a package issue, not an RPM issue. Anytime you package things up with dependency checking you introduce the possibility of "Dependency Hell". The reason is simple, different people package software differently. Mandrake might compile a small program that includes some libs as program-1.0.rpm and program-dev-1.0.rpm, whereas RH maybe packages it all togethor. (This is a made up example obviously.) Now, I program something that uses that programs libs, and make an RPM, and I use RH so in my rpm I require program-dev >= 1.0, and suddenly it breaks on Mandrake.

    Now, before the debian guys jump up and down with glee to bash RPM, you can remove every instance of RPM up there and replace it with DEB because the problems are potentially the same. The reason .deb's haven't had them as much (they have had them) is because how many .deb distributions are there and how is their market share? Debian is by far the largest, and the debian based distributions are relatively close to debian. As more debian based distributions emerge, there will be an increasing chance the packaging will seperate. Someone will compile all their packages against a cutting edge release glibc that won't run on the older, Eugenia will review debian and try to install the .deb compiled on the wrong distribution and whine about deb packages being broke.

    My own strategy is to grab .src.rpm's and modify the .spec when needed. (I then throw them on an apt repository and apt-get them from my computers.)

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    Re:Fedora Core 1 is a Mild Disappointment

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=19;threadid=8116;start=0#msg73784 date=1068716533]
    eugenia is a girl

    51% of the worlds population is statistically women, if you haven't run into oneyet I would suggest looking out the windows once in a while - I can really recommend them, they are cuddly like fluffy penguin toys.

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