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Thread: New Kernel .. Slow internet

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    New Kernel .. Slow internet

    Ok guys I just compiled 2.4.22 and my internet seems to be slow and whenever I access anything on the net.. Through gaim or mozilla I get 100% cpu usage. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re:New Kernel .. Slow internet

    did you make a new config ? i have not had any issues with the 2.4.22 at all.

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    Re:New Kernel .. Slow internet

    I just copied over .config

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    Re:New Kernel .. Slow internet

    is that a 'make oldconfig' ?

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    Re:New Kernel .. Slow internet

    [quote author=Slave Copy link=board=1;threadid=8113;start=0#msg73806 date=1068746562]
    is that a 'make oldconfig' ?
    Don't know. Just copied over file. I should try make oldconfig

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    Re:New Kernel .. Slow internet

    I have always copied over a .config and ran make menuconfig and just exited and went on as normal and I have never ran into a problem. I did the same for 2.4.22.

    That kind of CPU usage is pretty crazy. Multiple subqueries in MySQL should take a processor, not mozilla. Did you try rebuilding the kernel again?

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