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Thread: Now thats transparency

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    Now thats transparency

    I'm speechless:-X what do you guys think of this ??? ???

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    I don't know. Why would you want to have bugs all over your desktop?

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    Now that's transparency
    No. This is

    In any case. I think it's interesting to play with but a little too much eyecandy for my taste.

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    I don't see why this is usable - but XFree getting a kick in the behind cannot be a bad thing.

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    I use transparency on my Mac OS X powerbook and it does come in handy quote a bit. It's kind of hard to explain how until you start to use it, it's like being able to see everything when it anything changes.

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    It's like having sight beyond sight without possessing the Sword of Omens.

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    Has anyone downloaded this yet?

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    I tried but it failed > it look cool though

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=17;threadid=8110;start=0#msg74101 date=1069200891]
    I tried but it failed > it look cool though

    Yeah it's not even in the form of a release yet...more of a playground for the good folk over at My personal goal once I get my spare little P233 up and chugging will be to get it running and play with cool stuff. From what I understand it will be almost unusably slow, but I have to do this!

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    Re:Now thats transparency

    Transparency in OS X (especially in terminals) is VERY useful. I had a hard time coming home and using Linux when I was so used to using OS X at work. Transparency really makes a difference. I might try to get this transparency thing for X tonight.

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