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Thread: Distros confusion

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    Re:Distros confusion

    [quote author=Crox link=board=7;threadid=8099;start=0#msg73932 date=1068900146]
    Please let me know what exactly is illegal about this. If the iso images are available for download at no charge, how does that violate any contract regarding SuSE?


    It is forbidden to reproduce or distribute data carriers which have been reproduced without authorisation for payment without the prior written consent of SUSE LINUX AG or SUSE LINUX. Distribution of the YaST programme, its sources, whether amended or unamended in full or in part thereof, and the works derived thereof for a charge require the prior written consent of SUSE LINUX AG.
    By not releasing YaST under the GPL SuSE made it possible to be the sole legal supplier of iso images for SuSE Linux. The only iso that you can download is a live CD.


    Ooops. I stand corrected:
    Making YaST or works derived thereof available free of charge together with SUSE Linux on FTP Servers and mailboxes is permitted if the licences on the software are observed.
    So it's not the YaST licence that prohibits distribution of the iso images but the fact that the boxed set contains commercial software that is not released under the GPL. For instance MainActor, Moneyplex, ActiveTrader,... They would have to be excluded from the isos on the ftp. At any rate I think the maintainers of the ftp server you downloaded this from walk a thin line.

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    Re:Distros confusion

    [quote author=demian link=board=7;threadid=8099;start=0#msg73862 date=1068819431]
    [quote author=Crox link=board=7;threadid=8099;start=0#msg73861 date=1068814357]
    I downloaded and installed SuSE 9.0 from the internet. That's as free as it gets. I have the 5 CD's of the Professional Edition.. SuSE is the best distribution of Linux I have seen.

    Good for you : You know, of course, that that's illegal. So you could at least not brag about it here.

    The cost advantage for the home user is a plus for Linux (or any free software for that matter) that's never really perceived as one. Everybody just "gets the software somewhere". This isn't ok when it comes to closed source software (including Windows) and it isn't ok for OSS either.

    If you like SuSE so much go and buy the boxed set and support it's development or wait till you can do an ftp install for free three months after the release date for the boxed set.

    Actually, the word I hear from a couple suse developers is that it's not illegal to make copies, it is illegal to make copies and profit. They also admitted they weren't 100% sure on that, but I wouldn't start screaming at people they're a pirate for this, when even a couple suse developers don't know if it's legal or not but think it is.

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    Re:Distros confusion

    See .. that's why I use Debian.

    NO fuss, no legal talk, no problem. ;D

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    Re:Distros confusion

    Broke my Linux cherry on Redhat, I was considering giving it a try again after a long absence. But after looking at all the Redhat hoopla about the support, and looking at Fedora and reading some reviews of it (not great) I downloaded Slackware 9.1. I'll be sticking with Slack for the forseeable future.

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