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Thread: Rhythmbox Config

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    Rhythmbox Config

    Hi all. I've just started using Rhythmbox with Gnome & Debian Sid and playing mp3s is working fine, but when I try to listen to online radio stations, I recieve this error message:

    opening vfs file "" (Generic error)

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to fix this?


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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    Which version are you using? I'm using 0.5.99 from the site below, and I only experienced that message once while trying it a few minutes ago. Now it just freezes up. :-/ Maybe this will be fixed before 0.6.0.

    deb ./ - Experimental Debs

    BTW, I too am on Debian Sid w/ Gnome 2.4.x

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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    I got the same error (with the same IP) just a few minutes ago. Now it's working fine. Maybe a server went down.

    Does it work for you now?

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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    I'm at work so I won't be able to try it till I get home in the morning.

    I did an apt-get dist-upgrade before coming to work, so I guess it's the latest version out.

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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    Well I'm still trying to get Internet Radio to play but I keep getting the same error message, no matter which station I choose.

    I even added a station to the list and it gives the same error with the same IP address in the error message.

    Anymore ideas/suggestions?


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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    Have you tried upgrading / downgrading gstreamer? Could be a gstreamer thing.

    From my experience, gstreamer is still a little on the unusable side. Most things work 80% of the time, but every now and then you'll get a bug that's just too irritating for words. A bug like the inability to play oggs in 0.5x, or the inability to play CERTAIN mp3s in 0.6x, or the fact that 0.63 worked ok for me, so I figured I'd try 0.64, and suddenly video's broken. The authors of gstreamer seriously need to pull it together a little more.

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    Re:Rhythmbox Config

    Oops, silly me :...I didn't know you was suppose to double click the station name. It's working fine now, but the one I added seems not to work. I added the new station IP numbers but I don't know what the last numbers should be ( Anybody know how to get those numbers?

    My version is 0.5.4


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