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Thread: Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

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    Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

    Finally got up the nerve to try Enlightenment - was wondering - any good (read simple) tutorials on it? For instance: can I place certain programs that I use a lot on the screen (similar to Windowmaker)? Thanks in advance!

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    Re:Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

    I took a quick look at the E site and they did not seem to have much in the way of tutorials. There was a link to an enlightenment specific forum at:

    With that said you can probably get a lot of things configured the way you like using other tools (if it is not possble via E configuration settings). For what I think you were asking about you could probably use a tool like idesk:
    This should get some icons on your desktop if you so desire. It seems as well that the E community is getting pretty excited about their next version of the windowmanager and will likely be placing much of their energy towards eventuallyy documenting and supporting that version. This, however, is pure speculation on my part as I have never used E as a primary window manager.

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    Re:Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

    When is E17 supposed to be out? That thing has been in development for four or five years. I used to use E16, (I remember when it was the default window manager in Redhat), its really cool, and there are some way out themes for it. It seems to have fallen by the wayside though. The next version has been so long in coming out, it seems everyone has lost interest in it. I don't know of many people that use E these days as a window manager. (eterm kicks ass though).

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    Re:Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

    For the latest on Enlightenment development.

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    Re:Enlightenment - any good (simple) tutorials?

    Seems like I've been waiting forever for E17. I can't wait until it finally comes out!

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