I am thinking of paying a company to host my website because my ISP sucks only 1GB/month and 10MB/space > so these are the 3 hosting companies

600 mb storage
20 gb transfer
host 5 domains

yearly: $59.40
(equals $4.95/mo)

monthly: $6.75


Space- 525MB
Bandwidth- 15GB
Email- Unlimited
cPanel X7.4- Yes
Fantastico v2- Yes

Monthly- $4.94
Yearly- $48


Storage 500 MB
Bandwidth / month 50 GB (50,000 MB)
Domain 1
Sub-Domains Unlimited
POP E-Mails Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Mailing Lists Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
Personal CGI-BIN, Shell Access, Site Statistics, Control Panel, File Manager, Frontpage support, Shopping Cart Software, 24/7 Customer Support, Telephone Support, Perl, Preinstalled CGI Scripts, Secure Server (SSL), and more!

Paid Monthly

I am kinda leaning toward matrix-studio but I don't know if there any good. If you know of a better hosing company please tell me