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Thread: Strange Sound/CD exploading

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    Strange Sound/CD exploading

    Well I have noticed when my hard drive is doing something I can hear scrathing sound though my headphones, at first I thought I was just going crazy but when I look at the HDD light, the sounds and HDD light match up ???

    Also lastnight while installing Windows on another PC the CD went BOOM!!! it was really loud! and it shatterd but it still kinda installed ??? I guess it was for the best since it was WinME ;D and the drive was a Creative 52x

    I can't figure out both of these weird problems mabey it's just me going crazy ;D

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    Re:Strange Sound/CD exploading

    I've seen some sound cards that like the 3-in-1 cards that you could hear just about anything from the output. Usually just a misconfigured channel that need to be turned down.

    On the Creative 52x, even the one I "HAD" dropped in the middle of being used. Sounds like a capacitor took a dive and exploded. Then again, you didn't mention if it still worked or not.

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    Re:Strange Sound/CD exploading

    ok I have built-in sound in my motherboard

    The drive still kinda works but it take forever to read a CD and ever longer to read a CD-R. So I don't use it any more.

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