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Thread: Microsoft Loves Developers

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    Microsoft Loves Developers

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    I..... LOVE..... THIS..... COMPANY !!!!!

    YEAH !!!!!

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    ..i was gunna say what lovey said...

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    I remember what it was like to have free time *sigh* :-\

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    mplayer-mozilla doesn't give me sound

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    Is it because of codec trouble? I might have a way to fix it.

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    ROFLMAO that was f**kin funny ;D ;D ;D ;D at first I thougt it was all real. But now we know what he's been smoling lately with Darl McBride SPEED!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D I got kicked out of class for laughing too hard.

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    [quote author=ifred link=board=17;threadid=8079;start=0#msg74116 date=1069214793]
    Is it because of codec trouble? I might have a way to fix it.

    probably not. The actual mplayer works's just mplayer-mozilla that doesn't do sound.

    Personally I'm looking forward to the gstreamer mozilla plugin hitting debian unstable. Hopefully it's all its cracked up to be.

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    Re:Microsoft Loves Developers

    Understood. At first I had some trouble with audio and Xine so i had to add this: deb unstable main to my apt sources and install the w32codecs package.
    Other ideas may be found here:

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