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Thread: USB device bootable kernel

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    USB device bootable kernel

    I need to compile a USB device(floppy) bootable kernel for a fresh slack installation on my sexy N505VE laptop.

    However, by following all the intructions I could on google. the kernel I compiled still doesn't boot correctly.

    I have
    SCSI emulation
    SCSI support
    UHCI support
    Preliminary USB device filesystem
    USB Mass Storage support
    compiled into kernel

    Such kernel could recognize the USB floppy drive by specifying root=/dev/sda

    But then after mounting root=/dev/sda, it gives an warning says 'Warning: unable to open an initial console' then 'Kernel panic: No init found'

    I think I am getting close to boot up the laptop via a USB device.
    Could anybody give some guidance please?

    Thank you


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    Re:USB device bootable kernel

    Did you try /dev/sda1? Might also give /dev/hda a whirl.

    *Kernel_Killer waves to Skywolf

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