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Thread: Tomcat and Win2k

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    Tomcat and Win2k

    I have installed Apache and Tomcat-4.1.29 on my Windows 2000 server. I have followed the instructions from to a T and it doesn't work. I can point my browser to port 8080 of my server and get tomcat, but I get nothing when trying to get the same jsp from port 80 (Apache with JKMount directives which I was told to add later). One thing I noticed is that Tomcat didn't make a apache-tomcat.conf file for me like it said it would. Basically, I'm not sure where or what is going wrong.

    I noticed that most of my problems seem to be from this current Win2k server. Luckily in 2 months it will be replaced with 2 SuSE Duel AMD64 on 1U. Until then I have to drudge around trying to get it to work on Windows :'(

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    Re:Tomcat and Win2k

    No tomcat users/admins?

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    Re:Tomcat and Win2k

    I've used Tomcat on RH before, but never with Windows. I only ran it for a short while before I had to replace that box with IIS (*weeps*) but if I remember correctly there was an Apache/Tomcat module that redirected stuff bound for Tomcat on 80 to 8080, so that access to the pages were seamless. Other than doing that, one had to reference 8080 in all your URLs directly. That's all I remmeber. Sorry to be so vague, but like I said, I used it for a few months, then had to switch to IIS, so I don't remember much.

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