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I thought it was great. I find it humorous when certain things happen to main characters that the die hards don't prefer/like/want it gets ranted as a crap movie. I took it for what it was and loved it.

No it wasn't that. I agree with their decisions on the main characters. In the first one, I thought the best parts of the movie were when they were actually IN the matrix or in the simulator. The second one really wow'd me with the fight scenes, starting with the castle and lasting all the way through the freeway. Then I get to this one, and while Zion's last stand was pretty cool (hence the generous rating...the effects really were well done), they COMPLETELY robbed me of Matrix time! Burntash is right...there's like 15 minutes of Matrix time in this one, and the only fight scene that isn't lame lasts a good 2 minutes.

Oh and the philosophical bullshit and sappy love-story-subplot are flowing freely in this one. > > >