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Thread: The Matrix Revolutions

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    The Matrix Revolutions

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    Satisfaction level: Moderate
    Disappointment level: Moderate

    Now I went into this show with fairly high expectations. In fact, REALLY high expectations. And yes, it was pretty cool. Lots of guns, lots of fighting, lots of action, ok story, etc...

    But in the entire movie, the finale of the series that put special effects martial arts on the map and defined an entirely new style of cinematography, there were TWO kung-fu fight scenes. The final one is pretty freakin lame as well. Granted, the first one is a heavyweight contender for one of the coolest fight scenes in any of the movies, but when I was given only that I felt somewhat unsatisfied.

    All in all, 7 out of 10.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    I found the fightscenes to be much better in Reloaded.

    I generally think Revolutions defines the word "stinker", man I was disappointed by it.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    I thought it was great. I find it humorous when certain things happen to main characters that the die hards don't prefer/like/want it gets ranted as a crap movie. I took it for what it was and loved it.

    Alot less action, more story closure. Basically two main combat scenes, Zion's last stand and Neo vs Agt Smith.

    Took me a few hours to actually get it, but wow! Great ending to the series.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    [me=burntash]thumbs down[/me]

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo >

    that movie was *Extremely* disappointing, not because the main characters died either. i think that the matrix just got worse with each release, story wise, they had good ass action scenes in reloaded, but the storyline just got worse and worse. revolutions was incredibly boring and poorly put together. not to mention they changed the actor of the oracle since the original died from diabetes. at least we still have LOTR: ROTK

    overall this movie gets a moderate as well, and that is because im in a giving mood, thanksgiving is comin.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    Hey guys,

    What about not spoiling the movie for those of us who haven't seen it? >

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    ya you should just go and let the movie spoil itself for you hehe its seriously bad as hell :

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    OK OK...sorry. I honestly didn't think I was spoiling it by giving the focus of the action, but I suppose some like to be completely surprised.

    I apologize.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    [quote author=burntash link=board=14;threadid=8075;start=0#msg73492 date=1068150008]
    [me=burntash]thumbs down[/me]
    not to mention they changed the actor of the oracle since the original died from diabetes. at least we still have LOTR: ROTK

    Yeah that really chapped my ass too. She's good, but she's just not the same as the original.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    so am i to assume that this matrix suck a larger amount of ass than the second one which had only fifteen minutes worth watching (the car chase of course and even that was not all that great...just great driving)?

    do they still drone on with their psuedophilosophy/psychology?

    i seriously wanted to hurt lawrence fishburne after that movie.

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    Re:The Matrix Revolutions

    there is next to no action in this one, and they are literally in the matrix for maybe 10 minutes out of the 2 hour movie, its all in the sewers/psion. and i cant even remember all the stupid shit they threw at you in this one. the first matrix is the only good one i think. i dont even think they bother with telling you a bunch of philosophical stuff, i think they just had the actors go places and do things and you are to think whatever you want, i guess they got sick of developing this crazy ass plot/storyline.

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